Our Promise

Ever walk into a nail studio and wonder whose dirty feet and nail clippings were in that whirlpool foot bath before you? No worries at Polished Perfect by Twila True – our team is committed to cleanliness. Polished Perfect is raising the industry standard for cleanliness and hygiene by providing immaculate studios with exclusive products and unparalleled service.


No Whirlpool Spa Pedicure Chairs

Polished Perfect has replaced the standard “whirlpool spa” pedicure chairs with comfortable, clean, custom designed chairs and individual pedicure bowls. Even the manufacturer warns that it takes 10 to 15 minutes for whirlpool spa jets to thoroughly disinfect those built-in bath bowls. When the pipes in the whirlpool spa chairs are not cleaned properly, bacteria, skin and hair particles create buildup. This causes particles to leak into the footbath bowl, which increases the risk for skin and nail infections. Our individual stand-alone bowls are cleaned and disinfected effectively after each use. And you’re ready to indulge in a custom designed spa chair and clean pedicure bowls while our experienced Stylists pamper you.


Specialized Pure Lab Sterilization

We stress over making sure our service tools and environment are completely clean, so you don’t have to! Each of our Orange County nail and hair salons dedicates a room to ensure all metal tools are sterilized before use. The Pure Lab uses an autoclave system, similar to those found in medical and dental offices. By combining pressurized steam and extremely high heat, the Pure Lab makes certain that even the most thermo-tolerant organisms are destroyed. This is important, not only for our nail clients, but for our men and women hair salon clients who visit our flagship location in Costa Mesa.


Beauty With A Conscience

Not only will you enjoy a fresh, contemporary and comfortable atmosphere, Polished Perfect by Twila True offers the most stylish nail lacquers in an environmentally friendly formula. All Twila True Beauty Long Lasting Lacquers are 5-free from: DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. They’re healthy for the environment, and healthy for you. Plus, any service offered at Polished Perfect’s Costa Mesa, Irvine and Brea studios includes a one-time use buffer and file to prevent any possible cross-contamination.


Experience Luxury At Polished Perfect by Twila True

Polished Perfect offers the complete package when it comes to manicures and pedicures. Visit our Flagship location in Costa Mesa or our new studio in Brea to indulge in additional services including haircuts for women and men. If you’re ready for an exclusive nail and hair Studio experience like no other, call your nearest Orange County location to make an appointment today! Or, use our convenient online appointment form and be ready for our welcoming attentive service, high-quality nail and hair products, and immaculate salons. We can’t wait to servicing you!

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