Polished Perfect Airstream at StyleCon

Attendees visited booths that showcased everything from fashion, beauty and snacks including Top Shop, STS Blue, Twila True Beauty, Suja, NeoCell Kind, to name a few. The center of the event were beautiful lounges in front of the main stage where beauty influencers and celebrity hosts led panels that inspired style fans the beauty of empowerment. In addition, attendees enjoyed musical performance by The Voice’s Aaliyah Rose who encouraged other young artists to keep creating content.

“I decided that this is what I wanted, to sing for the rest of my life, and so that’s why I’m here,” Rose said, before she launched into a soulful rendition of “Dear Future Husband”.

E! News TV personality Melanie Bromley hosted an interview with keynote speaker India Hicks, entrepreneur, author and model who detailed how she wanted to empower other females with her design. In a similar vein, Swati Mandela took to the stage to discuss her clothing line, and how she approaches business.

“Be impeccable with your words,” Swati said. “I don’t use the word ‘deserve’, because I don’t feel like I deserve anything. I work for whatever it is I have: my grandfather taught me that.”

“StyleCon was a whirlwind of meeting influencers and networking with other beauty brands for future partnerships, and I am honored that Polished Perfect by Twila True continues to participate in a unique, fun and empowering event for women.” said Amanda Johnson, Polished Perfect Vice President.

Whether it be nail or hair services, Polished Perfect by Twila True is proud to service throughout the OC community, and StyleCon was an incredible event to share our luxury nail studio experience with style fan and vloggers attendees.