Meet Twila

Our story

After traveling the world, Founder and CEO Twila True brought the best nail salon experiences and medical grade sanitation practices to Orange County, California with the introduction of Polished Perfect by Twila True.

Born from the realization that there were no comparable experiences in Orange County that offered what she had experienced in her travels, Twila created the concept of Polished Perfect by Twila True to bring an upscale yet affordable, clean nail services in a chic setting with luxury beauty products to the area.

Twila True Beauty luxury products are used in nail services at Polished Perfect Studios – the Twila True Beauty Lasting Shine Lacquers used and retailed at the Studios are free from DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Twila is an Oglala Sioux Native American from the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. The culture and heritage are rich in tradition and color that continue to influence Twila’s endeavors. Her Sioux name means “Woman Who Walks Towards Future,” and she has lived up to it in numerous ways.

As a philanthropist, Twila founded True Children’s Home, a children’s orphanage in China dedicated to transforming the lives of orphaned and impoverished children along with True Sioux Hope Foundation that provides critical aid and empowers Tribal members to act, positioning the next generation for success. Twila is a champion for women in the workforce and continues to be a positive influencer.

Twila is the CEO and President of True Family Enterprises

An investment firm comprised of entities, including True Investments, True Fresh HPP, True Venture Capital, Twila True Fine Jewelry, Polished Perfect Studios and Twila True Beauty.

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