At Polished Perfect by Twila True, we’re proud to be an indulgent Nail & Beauty Studio located in Costa Mesa, Irvine & Brea that’s beyond expectations. Polished Perfect by Twila True is 100% committed to maintaining an unparalleled standard for cleanliness and hygiene while offering exclusive products and excellent service. When you visit us, you’ll be treated to a one-of-a-kind, high-end Studio experience that’s delivered by a team of Stylists who are passionate about what they do!

We Don’t Use Whirlpool Spa Pedicure Chairs

At Polished Perfect by Twila True, we don’t use standard whirlpool spa pedicure chairs. Instead we provide comfortable, custom-designed chairs with individual pedicure bowls. Stand-alone bowls are thoroughly clean and disinfect our stand after each use so you never have to worry about being exposed to a buildup of bacteria, cross contamination that comes from improperly cleaned jets, which is often a worry when visiting a nail salon that uses whirlpool spa chairs that leads to fungus and nail infections.

Medical Grade Sterilization

When you visit a Studio in Costa Mesa, Irvine and Brea, you never have to wonder if the metal tools and environment are completely clean. At each Nail and Beauty Studios, a separate room called the Pure Lab is where all metal tools are medically grade sterilized in an autoclave before each use. The autoclave uses a combination of pressurized steam and high heat to make sure that even the most thermo-tolerant organisms are eliminated. Every Service includes a one-time use buffer and file to prevent cross-contamination.

Beauty with a Conscience

We offer industry’s most stylish nail lacquers called Twila True Beauty Long Lasting Lacquers which feature environmentally-friendly formulas that are good for both you and the environment. The nail lacquers are 5-free from any harmful chemicals – DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor.

We Value our Stylists

We truly value our Stylists and are committed to elevating the standards of quality, education and compensation for nail industry professionals. The Stylists have the opportunity to make careers out of what are otherwise considered “trade jobs” which elevates the nail industry. Our prices reflect that we compensate the Stylists well to show them that they’re truly valued and appreciated. All our Stylists are friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and passionate about what they do, and we’re confident it shows.

Visit Your Nearest Polished Perfect by Twila True Location Today!

We’re proud to offer our Guests immaculate Studios, world-class attentive service and high quality nail and hair products. When you visit us for nail or hair services, we will treat you to a Studio experience like no other while you relax in our modern, spacious and comfortable environment. If you’re ready to experience the Polished Perfect by Twila True difference, book an appointment with us today at any one of our six Studio locations throughout Costa Mesa, Irvine & Brea. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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